New Design Construct is a construction company based in London, with a strong foundation of young men, willing to gain a  reputation for quality, integrity and service. Good people doing exceptional work. We pride ourselves on operating with our values at the forefront of every interaction with owners, architects, project teams and our own employees. We believe that the quality of our relationships shape our results and the experience that we are committed to delivering through every engagement. We have an appetite for challenge and thrive on the adventure of innovative design. We add to that a firm grasp on the detailed execution that it takes to bring a vision to life.


Quality is central to everything we do and we wish only that our clients are satisfied every time they choose to work with us. Attention to, and responsibility for quality is part of the job description of every one of New Design Construct’s employees. It is both a mindset, and a continuous process executed on every project and actively managed by superintendents and project managers.


Integrity is fundamental to the strength of our reputation and the quality of the relationships we have with many longstanding clients. We believe in a “no surprises” approach that relies on detailed preparation, open and clear communication, and a simple commitment to do what we promise.


Challenge is something that we embrace as part of our approach to every project. We foster innovation and creativity, alongside experience and skillful execution, as part of our culture. Because of this, over our history, many clients have selected us for projects in which complex challenges must be overcome to produce successful outcomes.