Metal stud walls are a very good interior wall options. They are not susceptible to rotting and warping or termite damage. Studs are typically pre-drilled to accommodate plumbing and electric.

Working with steel studs requires a few special tools and we have the best equipment for this. We determine the number of steel studs needed, then snap a chalk line across the perimeter of the floor to outline where the track will need to go. We screw the lower lengths of track to the floor, plumb the top track and attack the truck to the upper ceiling.

The process continues to put everything in place and safe.

Metal studs seem to be fragile, but after gluing and screwing the drywall, the wall becomes strong and rigid. They are also convenient, because metal studs are lighter, easier to transport and store. Metal is cut using aviation snips, meaning there is no sawdust that often cause unnecessary inconveniences.


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